It does not seem sentences of circumstance.

It does not seem sentences of circumstance.
18 April

It does not seem sentences of circumstance.

The impression is that rabiot and his representative have been disrespectful to the club and the fans. ” Alessandro Grandesso

February 15, 2018 – Pyeongchang (SCOR) The 4 blue before the start: Ivan Nagler, Andrea Voetter, Dominik Fischnaller and Fabian Malleier. Ap For the first time since 1992 tobogganing does not bring medals to Italy.

The streak started in Albertville in 1992 with bronze Raffl-Norbert Huber and continued for six editions by Armin Zoeggeler stops in Pyeongchang; after the fourth for two thousandths of Dominik Fischnaller, the blue relay team is fifth in 105/1000 by the Austrian bronze. podium nuanced – Andrea Voetter, Dominik Fischnaller and the double Ivan Nagler / Fabian Malleier have tried: good especially Voetter who finished the second lap time behind only all’olimpionica Geisenberger; Dominik Fischnaller has kept the team on the podium despite a few flaws, while young Nagler / Malleier have failed to keep up the speed at the bottom. The Blues have been exceeded even by the United States (two milliseconds, the same that had separated Fischnaller from bronze in the individual ….), while Germany won the gold medal in 2’24 “517 in front of Canada (0 “355) and Austria (0” 471).

Zöggeler – Zoeggeler, now technical director, has declined to comment. “I did a little last corner Re: please, do not know if it was decisive that little tenth delay . This time it was close. We will have to wait another four years. “Andrea Voetter tries to be positive.” We wanted a medal, too bad. We are a team, we win and lose together, in four years we will have another chance. “Finally Fabian Malleier.” We made some mistakes. The next time will be better. “From our correspondent Simone Battaggia  @ sbattaggia

January 26, 2019 – Milan  Emma Brown on the cover of the new issue of Offside. Emma Brown on the cover of the new issue of Offside. All of rosy pink: the weekly magazine that talks about sport beyond sport.

Characters, stories, interviews and sparkling service headings: this is ruled. Tomorrow, like every Sunday, the journal offers readers free supplement that tells life, passions and secrets of the protagonists.

On the cover is the exclusive service with Emma Brown, the champion of rock, which prior to the tour at the start on 15 February has revealed to us as you exercise to give everything on stage. other exclusive – Alessia Marcuzzi tells the sport on the Island of the Famous and Al Bano recounts his past as a football fan. And then: the secrets of Jessica Building and Georgina Rodriguez ahead of Lazio-Juventus.

Gazzaleaks investigates the truth of farewell between Higuain and Milan, while Magpie Coffee debate about who is the favorite for the race in fourth place, and the appointment with the Cursed Stories stops by Jonathan Bachini. We popped into the new life of Boateng, Melissa Satta to Barcelona, ​​and Pippo Pozzato, from cycling to hockey, and fatherhood. And more games, reading and wellness, with exercises to get in shape.

Your Sunday with the Journal: 32 pages of information and entertainment for free. AND THEN THERE CATTELAN – EMMA host Red. Offside

January 7, 2018 – Milan Milan, Gattuso and difficult goal: “Without bomber for 5 years, Silva …” Tuesday Rino Gattuso crosses the finish line of his first 40 years. A player has won everything there is to win: a World with the National Championship (2006), as well as a European Under21 (2000), but also two Champions League, two European Super Cups, two league titles, one Club World Cup , an Italian Cup and two Italian Super Cups with AC Milan jersey (467 appearances, 11 goals).

If you were to look back, now at 40, Gattuso could only thank the fate but above Mother Nature, that has not donated two fine feet, but a strong desire to compete with those who had talent and how. “I never want to lose, even when you play football with my son.” FAME FIERCE – Perhaps it was the secret, or never be satisfied. “I have many memories of these 40 years, but I want to remember the defeats. When I was winning, there was celebrating and thinking already at the next game.

I suffered the defeats: Istanbul (the Champions League final of 2005 against Liverpool, ed) was a blow great , I experienced really bad. In Yokohama against Boca Juniors (final Intercontinental 2003, ed) Cup another ugly night. I remember the defeats, because victories gave you energy. the stinging defeats, and served people you they gave a hand to get up.

I have to say that here at Milan there were so many of these people can help you. ” FAMILY – The most victories in the first 40 years to Gattuso have names and faces: his wife Monica, known by very young in Scotland and taken her back to Italy, she was the daughter of Italian restaurateurs who emigrated to Glasgow. The daughter Gabriela was born in 2004 and Francesco, now eleven years old. Rino thanks to them has been able to experience the transition from player to coach without major injuries, although the injury to the eye (ocular myasthenia) of 2011 was a severe trial, he did come to the surface once again the his immense resilience. Tuesday ‘will spend the day with them: “I hope my wife a cake gifts, and a bottle of champagne or red wine.” Gasport

January 2, 2019 – Milan Alphonso Davies, 18, a Canadian of Liberian origin. Bayern Monaco paid him 18 million, excluding bonuses. AP A firework, ready to explode.

Alphonso Davies is the symbol of the revolution at home Bayern Monaco. Last summer, the company spent only for him (Goretzka was taken on a free transfer), and is so convinced of his qualities that this time is really determined to separate from Robben and Ribery at the end of the season. For the 18 year-old Canadian, he arrived in Monaco in November, just finished his commitments with Vancouver, the Bavarians have spent 18 million (which can become 22 with bonus).

They never had invested so much of a young man. But there is to rejuvenate a rose and create the backbone of the future team. confidence – Friday Davies will start with the team for winter training camp in Doha, but in recent weeks has already trained several times with his teammates: “I must say that technically and physically also is far ahead than boys of our U23,” he Kovac said mister. It does not seem sentences of circumstance.

In Monaco, in fact, are no longer in the skin, can not wait to be able to see the field: “I’ve never seen him play, but I know it will become a bomb. I have every confidence in our sports director,” he explained President Uli Hoeness. In recent months, even Ibrahimovic, who has faced in the MLS, said he was fascinated by Davies’ potential: “It should not have too much awe of companions at Bayern play in the same position. If the club wants to say that he is that level.

The rest is up to him, I still see a bright future “. The Salihamidzic sporting director, however, urged calm: “Alphonso has a huge talent, it is true, told Bild,” is a good guy, he has a great character. He is hungry and wants to prove to be good. It is very important that it can grow in peace and get used to the Bundesliga, we will be careful with him. If we give it the right time has a huge potential to be developed. “Football Corner: Liverpool, the Klopp secret.

Ribery, There he is again! Profile – Born in Ghana in November 2000 by parents Liberians fled their country due to the civil war ( the mother said she looked for food for her son rummaging among the corpses), since 2005 Alphonso lives in Canada. at 15 he signed his first professional contract with Vancouver, becoming the youngest ever in MLS. in recent months, was honored by fans as the player of the year, recognizing that, until then, had obtained only players over 30.

He is the first acquisition of Bayern-optic generational change. will the new Robben, in Monaco are convinced. that Hoeness can not wait to see him on the field. “it’s a bomb,” said the president. Since the best time to say it is a firework. Ready to explode. Elmar Bergonzini  @ elmarbergo © riser reproduction vata type your comment 0      

January 16, 2019 – Milan Ivan Perisic, 29, a striker. LaPresse The next six months will be important for Ivan Perisic: in early February will turn 30 years old, the dream never hidden to joining Premier could take shape this summer.