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A business platform used to seamlessly connect existing legacy siloed disparate systems together through new cutting edge technology which provides secure, transparent, trusted and flexible workflow management solutions saving companies precious time and money by allowing their valuable resources to focus their efforts in more relevant areas of their business.

The adapter has been used at scale with the recycling industry and enables digital networks to be scaled compliantly.

This technology empowers industry verticals to create networks of utility amongst collaborating competitors.

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Industry benefits of our Adapter


– Between existing legacy systems and the latest technologies

– Between existing data standards

Peer to Peer data sharing, removal of data intermediaries

Industry solutions are tailored per vertical

Automated business processes are easily implemented with marginal cost

– Drag and Drop UI, enables easy development and management of workflows

Digital Governance, a high degree of regulatory compliance

Data as a service between actors

Rapid innovation per industry segment based on easy access to data

Ability to apply Big Data / Analytics to real-time trusted data

Ability to add IoT to workflows

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