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Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding and the logistics industry as a whole are characterized by a multitude of systems and proprietary technology that...

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POC Engagement

MTI cuts through the hype and delivers scalable solutions for any supply chain actor.

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Application Development

MTI creates and consults on practical real world business applications for respective supply chain verticals and actors.

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MTIs real world experience in design and implementation of solutions, allows us to advance decision making and product development for...

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Distributed Application Development

AKA as a dApp

Decentralised applications are the tools which allow users to interact with blockchains and smart contracts. MTI creates effective decentralised ecosystems, represented by software applications.

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Production Ready

Our platform is a sophisticated combination of technologies, which allows for complete interoperability of existing supply chain legacy infrastructure. We have done the heavy lifting so you do not need to. Our adapter concept allows for rapid deployment of chain code between multiple ledgers. Which ensures that corporates are able...

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MTI Platform

Existing applications, scaling between multiple platforms and distributed ledgers MTIs platform caters for multiple use cases. We are enterprise-grade ready with an appetite to scale!

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The open modular integration tool that allows teams to create, connect and manage distributed ledgers, enterprise DLT networks, smart contracts, data mapping and data flows. The MTI Adapter, which is a middleware, connects via sFTP (EDIFACT/CEFACT etc) / API (rest/soap/etc) and various ledgers... Please get in touch for a demonstration!

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Startup Engagement

If you're a startup and looking to do a quick PoC or start your Blockchain quest. MTI has years of experience to help your development cycle. The use of blockchain is collaborative and MTI is happy to partner and provide expertise to startups.

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Enterprise Grade Applications

MTI delivers enterprise grade applications deployed on any blockchain. Trusted Workflow Automation between external and internal participants of a network is where our expertise lies. MTI has developed a sophisticated technology stack, that democratises the value of which blockchain promise to delivers, to any given set of users, along with...

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Case Studies

In February 2015, MTI burnt its first message on the Bitcoin Blockchain, 2 years before any Enterprise Grade Blockchains went live. Here are our some of the use cases, within the supply chain industry, that MTI has been involved in. Our skills include, managing the consortia, use cases, process design and delivering the dApp solutions based on consortia requirements.Please get in touch with us if you are interested in starting a blockchain project.Contact Us

A Practical Guide to GDPR-Compliant Blockchain Solutions

GDPR_Blockchain_Short_Final   A forward from the Center for Global Enterprise Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) have emerged as an effective enterprise transformation tool. They provide capabilities beyond traditional databases…

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Landside Supply Chain

Establish trusted connectivity where none exists today

The transportation industry, particular container logistics and shipping, is probably one of the most fragmented industries in the world. Some of the cost savings MTI have unlocked on the landside…

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Unlock a Process Revolution and Supply Chain Provenance in the Recycling Supply Chain !

Managing our global problem with waste, it is time to think outside the box. Distributed Ledgers are already beginning to provide benefits in this area and they have much greater…

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Ports and Terminals

Port Community Version 4.0

There are wide-reaching network effects for Ports and Terminals with this technology. The constant entity in a global supply chain is ports and terminals. Cost savings and benefits are clear.…

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Frictionless Trade

Making Frictionless Trade a Reality !

Defining the future of the supply chain experience globally will be the culmination of a polyglot of technologies intersecting within a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) environment. This new digital infrastructure…

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